Zebra Ring

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The unisex Zebra ring is inspired by the fabulous black and white contrast that marks the skin of zebras. Their combinations are as unique as our fingerprints. This flamboyant and mysterious animal is rich in fantasies. An African legend asks if the zebra is white with black stripes or black with white stripes ?

The ring is made of 925 sterling silver.

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This unisex Zebra ring is to be worn every day. With its elegant black and white frosted texture this ring is exclusive. Thin and thick at the same time, it is perfect for all business or social outings.

Handmade by a passionate Montreal based jeweller.


  • The width of the ring measures 3.50 mm and the thickness is 4.50 mm
  • Each ring is adjusted according to the size of your finger
  • It weighs about 8 grams

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