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Caroline Savoie Jeweller specializes in custom-made jewelry. She offers high-end, accessible, and refreshing jewelry pieces. Unique, exquisite collections boast wildly sophisticated pieces in silver, 18-carat gold, and 14-carat white gold. Made in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, her collection includes a number of unisex designs, harmonizing bold and refined features in beautiful, unique masterpieces. Her designs are soulful and chic, yet edgy. Custom-made designs for men and for women that Caroline Savoie designs reflect and elevate the style of her clients, and become priceless gifts, gems filled with love. Her handmade jewelry is versatile, often bold, and always has something to say. A statement. Your statement. An experienced specialist in high-end jewelry making, the Montreal jeweler designs her pieces according to the rules of the art and with respect for the savoir-faire of fine jewelry.

Impeccable customer service from design to delivery. Make an appointment with Caroline Savoie to discuss your next exquisite custom-made piece.

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About Caroline Savoie Jeweller

Caroline Savoie Joailliere

An experienced specialist in high-end jewelry making, the Montreal jeweler designs her pieces according to the rules of the art and with respect for the savoir-faire of fine jewelry.

Caroline Savoie is a Quebec-Montreal-based jewelry designer who creates exquisite, inspired pieces from 18-carat gold and silver. She has a passion for jewelry and an unwavering commitment to creating exquisite, wearable art. She intuitively and artistically translates her appreciation of the client into a creation sure to enchant and captivate. In her creative universe, the audacious, the colorful, and the dramatic are infused with gorgeous. Caroline Savoie offers accessible and timeless jewels; between luxury and exceptional craftsmanship.

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Google Reviews

  • The service I received from Caroline was friendly and extremely professional. She immediately captured what I wanted and created a beautiful piece with such fine finishing. She even searched for exactly the right colour stones. I will definitely see her again for my next piece! Thank you Caroline!

    thumb Rebecca Stewart
    March 8, 2020

    When my usual jeweler retired, I ended up going to a well-known jeweler in Vaudreuil and had the worst experience ever (the worst!), so in desperation, I hauled my jeweler out of retirement and asked if he could recommend somebody to fix my rings and he highly recommended Caroline Savoie. He went so far as to say, "ONLY trust Caroline Savoie with your rings." And so I did. Even though my rings are thin and teeny and her rings are more chunky-style, I trusted my old jeweler's advice, and when I broke a claw on my super delicate and sentimental semi-eternity band, I brought it to her to fix. She made it brand new. I'm not kidding. She put all the life back into it. She also told me how to care for it, and listed out my options for fixing my two other rings, both budget friendly and not-so-budget friendly and the prognosis for both (budget friendly came out on top in her opinion). She went above and beyond in answering my questions and understanding my issues and wants for my jewelry, and she really came through. And she was so sweet about it the entire time. It's so nice to have a trustworthy jeweler again who has the skills and knowledge to execute anything my heart desires (and my tight budget allows). 10/10 would recommend.

    thumb Prin B
    March 25, 2022
  • Je viens d’acheter une bague de Caroline Savoie Cette bague me ressemble et je la voulais depuis longtemps. Je l’aime pour son originalité et sa pureté. Caroline a une façon exceptionnelle de travailler à la main autour de pierres véritables avec des métaux tels l’argent, l’or aussi. C’est pour moi une joaillerie créative et minutieuse

    thumb danielle henrichon
    August 24, 2021

    Really beautiful pieces of jewelry! Modern, artistic, and unique. I have a couple of pieces and I just love them! Service is personalized and very attentive to costumer needs.

    thumb Nadia Reimer
    August 25, 2020
  • Je viens de recommander cette joaliere a mon frere! Je suis passé avant Noel avec ma fille pour un cadeau pour ma conjointe. J'aime beaucoup le travail de Madame Savoie, la beauté et qualité des bijoux. A voir et penser a appeler avant pour ceduler un rendez-vous.

    thumb Qwaisilia
    February 25, 2022

    Caroline est une artiste et une professionnelle exceptionnelle. Elle a excédé mes attentes exigeantes et conçu et produit un bijou sur mesure d'une beauté rare en deux semaines. Je la recommande avec les plus grands éloges. Merci!

    thumb Yves Leduc
    February 25, 2022

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