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A Montreal, Quebec based jewelry designer, I create exquisite, inspired pieces from 18-carat gold to silver. My designs are soulful, distinctive and gorgeous. My custom designs reflect the desire, preferences, taste and style of my clients. I have been told many times that I have a talent to infuse edgy and pretty with depth and drama. Never excessive, just what the client desires. My passion is jewelry and my commitment is to create exquisite, wearable art. My collection includes a number of unisex designs, harmonizing bold and refined features in beautiful, unique masterpieces. Bespoke trademarks and personal favourites abound.

I have worked for more than 20 years as a passionate jewelry designer, creating quality pieces that reflect the beautiful personality of the beholder. I am known for my original yet classic, timeless designs. My speciality is high-end, custom pieces based on your preferences, your personality, your desire. I craft exclusive jewelry with style using a variety of techniques to shape and craft these eye-catching mini sculptures. I also aim to embrace the bold, the brazen, to take pretty and attractive to a whole new level, regardless of age, regardless of gender, regardless of trends. I create unisex pieces in addition to strictly women’s jewelry.

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Caroline Savoie Joaillerie Confection Bague Alliance Tulipe Noire Fait à la main Mariage (1-1)
Caroline Savoie Joaillerie Confection Bague Alliance Tulipe Noire Fait à la main Mariage (1-2)
Caroline Savoie Joaillerie Confection Bague Alliance Tulipe Noire Fait à la main Mariage (1-3)
Caroline Savoie Joaillerie Confection Bague Alliance Tulipe Noire Fait à la main Mariage (1-4)
Caroline Savoie Joaillerie Confection Bague Alliance Tulipe Noire Fait à la main Mariage (1-5)
Caroline Savoie Joaillerie Confection Bague Alliance Tulipe Noire Fait à la main Mariage (1-6)


The profession of jewelry designer requires expertise that spans well beyond jewelry-making. I am interested in the study of gemstones and use my know architectural design knowledge and talent as an illustrator to create truly unique, special pieces.

The creation of custom jewelry demands both creativity and precision. I am proud of the time and effort I spend on every aspect of my creations. No detail is insignificant. Something as simple as the clasp—which has to be both attractive and practical—represents a creative and technical challenge.

I create all of my pieces by hand in my Montreal studio. This means that every item for sale in my online boutique is truly one of a kind. From textured and playful, to smooth and sleek, from edgy and daring, to downright sexy and striking, the pieces command a second look.

Rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are all available on request. I work with 18-carat gold and silver, in addition to a variety of precious and semi-precious stones. I work with colour and texture to craft the perfect piece. Your perfect piece. When you purchase a piece of jewelry from Caroline Savoie, you become the owner of an original, meticulously-crafted treasure. You are also entering a world of original beauty that is bound to flatter and please.


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Caroline Savoie Joaillerie Bague Argent Bijoux Joaillière Montréal Original Design Fait à la main Dress To Kill Magazine 2


I have been passionate about art since I was a little girl. I enjoyed exploring drawing, painting and sculpture. It was through my love of sculpture that I developed a passion for the creation of jewelry, what I consider to be exquisite miniature sculptures. When it became clear that this passion for jewelry was my true calling, I decided to pursue some formal training in the art and technique and quickly started working as a professional jewelry designer. Since that time, I have never parted with my wonderful precious metals, my sapphires and other stones, my hammers and my blowtorch. In addition, it is important for me to put forward the Quebec expertise and talent by offering products entirely made in Quebec.

I embrace the myriad of textures and shapes to create pieces and collections that evolve with and that transcend the times. My pieces are a vehicle of style and give you the power to elevate your look seamlessly and simply. Completing and enhancing, my jewelry sets the stage for polish and beauty.

I had the honor of having my jewelry appear in various publications including the appearance of the Imperial Ring on the cover of the Dress To Kill Magazine. In addition, four of my unisex textured rings are illustrated in the Elle Quebec Magazine and the Elle Canada Canadian Designers’ Edition ( CheckerBoard Ring, Arid Ring, Tic-Tac-Toe Ring and the 100C Ring ). Most recently, the Candy Ring was entitled to a beautiful publication favorite in La Presse +. I also had the pleasure of seeing the magnificent Céline Bonnier wearing the Pearl Shell Ring at the Prix Gémeaux Gala. In addition, I had the honor of being published in the Top Canadian Jewellers of the prestigious Dress To Kill Magazine.


When my clients come to me with their jewelry for minor adjustments or a dramatic overhaul, I can always sense the deep, sentimental value that each piece carries. I intuitively, artistically translate my respect for the individual into an end result that is sure to please and enchant. I am truly honoured by the trust they place in me. Many become regular clients and genuine ambassadors of the Caroline Savoie Jewelry brand. This is how I became the personal jewelry designer of many satisfied women and men.

My pieces – many unisex – are versatile, often bold, and always have something to say. A statement. Your statement. Your vision, your version of beautiful, striking, unique. The final touch on that “look at me, I’m in command” suit or the starting point around which your comfy, hip athleisure garb will be selected. Regardless of where you’re going or stepping out to, you’ll have the pieces to complete and compose the look. And I stand behind my quality and my product. What’s more? I have never had a piece returned. Ever.

Why are my clients so happy to work with me? For starters, we talk and I take the time to really listen. I want to understand who they are, what they need, what they want, what they desire in this little indulgence that will reflect their personal look and style. Through communication, we can create gorgeous pieces together. Also, what makes my clients so happy to work with me is the time i take to select the most somptuous pearls and precious stones for their custom made jewels, their personalized pieces of jewellery. Distance and location are no obstacles as I work with clients from all over the world.

Simply contact me to discuss those pieces you dare to dream about and I will bring your vision to life.

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