Pearly Chain Bracelet

985,00 $

The Pearly Chain bracelet is inspired by the powerful links that are universally found in the industry. With its solid, straight and repetitive assembly, it calls for respect. Adorned with a magnificent pink pearl, this all-purpose jewel evokes the luxury of eloquence. It is a symbol of modernism, refinement and strength.

This bracelet is made of 925 sterling silver. It is trimmed with a fabulous 11.50mm – 12mm round pink Kasumiga pearl.

The contemporary Pearl Chain bracelet is perfect for your entire wardrobe with its chic and dressy look. This jewel makes a special nod to your more stylish side, while being of classic and timeless beauty.

Entirely sculpted and handcrafted by a passionate jeweler in Montreal, Quebec.


The bracelet is a standard length of 7 1/2 inches and a width of 12.50 mm. You can contact me for custom dimensions
It weighs about 62 grams

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