Malachite Drops Earrings

390,00 $

The Malachite Drops Earrings are inspired by the drops that dew lays freshly on greenery. With their fabulous green and rich colors, slightly elongated shapes, they are synonymous with pleasure and abundance. They are simply stunning!
The earrings are 925 sterling silver studded with two beautiful pear-shaped malachites totaling 14.37 carats.
The Malachite Drops Earrings reflect the classic beauty of this unrivalled stone. In a bright and distinguished green, they are incredibly easy to wear and brilliantly enhance everyday outfits as well as evening dresses. If the legend is true, they could even protect you from misfortune. Why do without them?
Handcrafted by a passionate jeweler in Montreal, Quebec.
  • The earrings are 24mm long and 13mm wide
  • Each earring weighs approximately 5 grams for a total of 10 grams per pair
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