Golden Pink Pastil Pearl Earrings

350,00 $

The Golden Pink Pastil Pearl earrings are simply pure beauty. These gorgeous and refreshing purple-copper natural colored pastil pearls are of an eternal sensuality. A true classic and timeless jewel. Pearls are always fabulous and versatile.

The earrings are made of 925 sterling silver garnished with two stunning golden-pink pastil fresh water pearls AAA of 11 mm – 12 mm. * I carefully take the time to select the most beautiful pearls, in order to offer you the best quality / price. Colored or white pearls, in round, circled or baroque shapes, passing through the sublime Keshi, the magnificent Kasumiga or the delicious Tahitian pearls, you just need to choose the pair that you prefer.

The Golden Pink Pastil Pearl stud earrings are true classics. Comfortable and refined, they are simply magnificent. Perfect for everyday wear, they go with everything, anywhere, at anytime !

Handmade by a passionate Montreal based jeweller.

Dimensions / Options

  • I offer a large selection of pearls. Several shapes, colors and kinds of pearls are available. ** Contact me for more information and / or to choose your pearls
  • The pearl earrings can also be on hooks for a more modern look
  • The price for a pair of pearl stud earrings starts at $ 200. The prices vary according to the sizes, the types of pearls and the model earrings chosen
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