Claw Pendant

275,00 $

The Claw pendant is inspired by the claws of the king of the jungle. Feline and graceful, this unisex necklace is worn around the neck like a talisman. Synonymous of power and divinity, the lion also brings luck. The kings of ancient Egypt, the pharaohs, were represented by sphinxes, lions with human heads. Thus, in all the mythologies, legends and folklores we find traces of this eloquent sovereign with golden hair.

The pendant and the chain are made of 925 sterling silver.

The Claw pendant matches with a 20 inch gourmet chain ( with an 18 inch ring to allow two chain lengths ). As much for men as for women, this necklace can be worn with jeans as well as with a dressier outfit. Its wild and animal side will give you mane.

Handmade by a passionate Montreal based jeweller.


  • The pendant measures 27.50 mm in length and has a width of 19 mm
  • It weighs about 15 grams
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