Blue Crayola Earrings

365,00 $

The Crayola Blue Earrings are inspired by the feeling I have when I open a new box of crayons with the smell of wood and the paper slipping through my fingers. Each time, I find a particular affection for all shades of blue and no stone evokes their beauty like the labradorite. Its unique effervescence, as if an aurora borealis had been imprisoned inside, with its icy and polar blue, is of purely Canadian beauty. It is this elegance and the magic of their simplicity that you will want to wear on all occasions.
The earrings are 925 sterling silver studded with two beautiful blue labradorites totaling 14.22 carats.
Crayola Bleu earrings are of unparalleled beauty, reminiscent of the shine of the sea on a sunny day. Adorned with two beautiful labradorites in a rich blue, known for their positive and anti-stress properties, they evoke both calm and passion. They are superb all-purpose earrings that you will wear forever.
Handmade by a passionate jeweler in Montreal, Quebec.
  • The earrings have a diameter of 12 mm long and a heigth of 7 mm
  • Each earring weighs approximately 2,75 grams for a total of 5,50 grams per pair
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