Black Skull Pendant

465,00 $

The unisex Black Skull pendant is inspired by the terrifying and fascinating symbolic of the skull. Provocative, it recalls the danger. A talisman with sparkling black eyes that protects from death. This powerful symbol is rooted in ancient times and continues to arouse interest in our contemporary societies.

The pendant is made of 925 sterling silver set with 22 black sapphires totalling 1.34 carats. The chain is also in sterling silver.

The Black Skull pendant matches a 20 inch curb chain ( with an 18 inch ring to allow two chain lengths ). As much for men as for women, it is to be worn everyday, but its perfect for more spicy occasions. With his flamboyant black sapphire eyes, he will bring out your clandestine side.

Handmade by a passionate Montreal based jeweller.


  • The pendant is 30 mm long, 25 mm wide and 11 mm thick
  • It weighs about 26 grams
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