Purple Pearl Cone Pendant

3 600,00 $

The Purple Pearl Cone Pendant is inspired by the elegant geometry of the ice cream cone and the eternal beauty of the pearl. A delectable combination of modern and classic beauty. This gourmet lustrous jewel is one of exquisite simplicity. A rich and pure delight!

The pendant is in 18k yellow gold adorned with a sublime Kasumiga mauve-violet AAA pearl of 13 mm. It comes with a ”diamond cut” link style chain also in 18k yellow gold and is 18 inches long.


The Purple Pearl Cone Pendant is perfect for everyday wear. A pendant of unparalleled contemporary refinement, enhanced with a refreshing golden and violet touch.

Entirely hand sculpted and handmade by a passionate jeweler in Montreal, Quebec.


  • The length of the pendant is 35 mm and its width is 13 mm
  • The Pendant weighs approximately 9 grams (without the chain)
  • The price of the Purple Pearl Cone Pendant is $1850 and the price for the ”diamond cut” link chain is $1750. * It is possible to buy the Pendant separately from the chain. Contact me for more information.



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