Pineapple of Gold Pastils Earrings

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Pineapple of Gold Pastils Earrings are reminiscent of the effervescence and lightness of a beautiful and fun night on the town by elegantly enhancing the most elegant outfits or pairing effortlessly with the clothes we cherish when it’s time to have fun. Delicate, mysterious and rich with an 18k yellow gold reminding of of the color of this fruit with golden flesh and a sweet taste, they are simply perfect for all occasions. A comfortable jewel with a graceful lightness that you won’t want to do without.

The Golden Pineapple Pastils Earrings are inspired by the elegance and uniqueness of the golden fruit. Adorned with this majestic diamond texture, the very one that has since become one of my signatures, this festive jewel will dazzle you like the sweet taste of the tropical fruit. With their fine curves of unparalleled beauty, they are synonymous with sensuality, softness and refinement.

Entirely sculpted in 18k yellow gold and handcrafted by a passionate jeweler in Montreal, Quebec.


  • The earrings have a diameter of 10.50 mm
  • Each earring weighs approximately 2.75 grams for a total of 5.50 grams per pair
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