Orange Monarch Ring

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The Orange Monarch ring is inspired by the richness of royal crowns and the magnificent splendor of the butterflies bearing the same name. Chic, resplendent and mysterious, this ring is under the sign of lust and beauty inspired by the light and intuitive elegance of the wings of a butterfly. Whether worn alone or combined in a trilogy, it is always radiant.

The ring is 925 sterling silver set with 43 citrines totaling 1.30 carats.

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The Orange Monarch ring, with its rich pavé in the colours of clementines, will light up your evenings and shine with a thousand lights on every occasion. Comfortable and opulent, it will remind you of the sweet beauty of a butterfly and the majestic splendor of a queen. Let yourself be seduced by its sparkling curves. * In the photo, the Orange Monarch Ring is combined in a trilogy with two Bistoury Rings. It is also combined with the Golden Bistoury Ring, the Blue Diamond Jack Of Hearts Ring, the Carousel Ring as well as the Black Jack Ring.

Handmade by a passionate jeweler in Montreal, Quebec.


  • The width of the ring measures 6.50 mm
  • Each ring is adjusted according to the size of your finger
  • It weighs about 8.50 grams

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