Leopard Diamond Ring

The Leopard Diamond ring is inspired by the powerful leopard’s wild coloured spots. Orange clusters of jewels symbolize elegance and its angular yet refined diamond shape gives it a touch of the wild that is sure to enchant.

The ring is made of 925 sterling silver set with 272 black sapphires totalling 9.74 carats, 167 citrines totalling 5.62 carats, 218 smoky quartz stones totalling 6.67 carats and a diamond totalling 0.05 carats. A grand total of 22.08 carats and 658 stones. The pavé style creates elegant shimmer.

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This sparkling Leopard Diamond ring with a unique and bold look is worn on special occasions. Perfect for candlelight dinners as much as for chic and glamorous parties. It is intoxicating and roaring.

Handmade by a passionate Montreal based jeweller.


  • The width of the top of the ring measures 28 mm and the underside is 16 mm
  • Each ring is adjusted according to the size of your finger
  • It weighs about 35 grams

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