• Caroline Savoie Joaillerie Bague Coquille Perle Tahiti Kasumiga Bijoux Faits Main Quebec Handmade Jewelry South Sea Pearl (1)


    Kasumiga pearls, Tahitian pearls and golden pearls make a magnificent trio of colors. The Kasumiga pearl is definitely my favorite. With its purplish orient and iridescent luster, it is simply sublime! An inspiration at any time! This irresistible mauve color is relatively new to freshwater pearl culture. Tahitian pearls offer darker and delicious colors. They …

  • Caroline-Savoie-Joaillerie-Bijoux-Blogue-Emeraude-Tsavorite-Vert-Montreal-Quebec-2

    Emerald or Tsavorite: How to choose?

    How to choose? Although the Emerald and the Tsavorite are two green stones, choosing between the two is above all, a matter of taste. In addition to the choice of color, note that the tsavorite is a stone that has no or very few inclusions, unlike the emerald. However, the Tsavorite does not have the …

  • Caroline-Savoie-Joaillerie-Colliers-Perles-Chat-Noir-Photo-Art-Nouveau-Bijoux-Fait-Main-Quebec-Montreal-Handmade-Jewellery-Pearl-Necklace-Black-Cat-Picture-Joaillier-Designer

    Jewelery and Art Photo Collaboration

    Let me introduce you to a magnificent photo shoot with great drama, inspired by the art nouveau of the beginning of the 20th century. Here is the series, the trio! The first showcases pearl necklaces by Caroline Savoie and the black cat Timao. On the second, Timao transforms into an elegant black panther and defends …

  • Caroline Savoie Joaillerie Bague Sur Mesure Avant Apres Bijoux Montreal Quebec Diamants Topazes Bleues Custom Made Ring Transformation Souvenirs

    Jewelry Transformation: Before and After

    What you see here is a beautiful transformation of jewelry, a ring in this case, all tailor-made according to the wishes of the client. You can see what was first brought in by the client (before) and the result signed by yours truly (after). On your right, the client’s ring is completely transformed in white …

  • Caroline-Savoie-Joaillerie-Exemple-de-couleurs-dor-Gold-Colors

    Gold: Its Carats and Colors

    Many people regularly ask me to clarify exactly what the carat numbers that are stamped on the jewelry mean. So here is some information on the different karats of gold, in addition to some information on the different colors of gold. First, the carat is the unit of measurement used to determine the purity of …

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    Sapphire and its Colors

    The best known precious stones are unequivocally: diamond, emerald, ruby ​​and sapphire. But did you know that ruby ​​and sapphire belong to the same mineral family? There are two varieties of gems in corundum: ruby, if it is red and sapphire, for the other colors. Sapphire is one of the oldest gems. Known since antiquity, …

  • Caroline Savoie Joaillerie Classification Des Diamants Bijoux Faits Main Quebec Montreal

    The Classification of Diamonds

    It is my pleasure to present to you the globally recognized diamond grading standards. First, some information about this beautiful precious stone that is the diamond. The diamond is the hardest natural material on both the Vickers and Mohs scale. Legend has it, that diamonds have been mined for over 6,000 years, but historically, the …

  • Caroline-Savoie-Joaillerie-Perles-Bijoux-Faits-Main-Montreal-Quebec-Jewelry-Designer

    The timeless beauty of Pearls

    « The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens. » – Grace Kelly Pearls are made by pearl oysters. Once obtained by chance, pearls are now cultured. The cultured pearl technique was developed by the Japanese at the beginning of the 20th century. After a period that varies from 2 to 5 years, the …

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